Directorate of Construction and Technical Works

About Us



About Us

The Directorate of Construction and Technical Works, which was founded by the Law No. 5467 published in the Official Gazette dated 17.03.2006 and numbered 26111 fulfills the duties indicated in the Article No. 29 of the delegated legislation on Administrative Organization of Higher Education Supreme Institutions and Higher Education Institutions numbered 51 and 124 of the Law No. 2547.

These duties are:

a) Preparing the investment programs regarding the survey-project and substructure and upper structure of our university,

b) Preparing the master plan of the specified campus area,

c) Designing the location plan of the campus area and preparing the application projects of the location plan

d) Performing every kind of maintenance and repair in order to keep the physical structures in good condition to provide maximum service,

e) Performing the maintenance and repair of heating, cooling, air-conditioning and other substructure facilities and equipment,

f) Improving and maintaining environmental monitoring in the areas within our university,

   g) Designing projects for environmental monitoring of the university and carrying out the practices based on the campus site plan,

h) Coordinating and implementing the design of university buildings and facilities,

ı) Preparing tender documents and carrying out the tenders regarding construction and repair,

i) Performing technical control and organizing the allowances of the tendered works and conducting the acceptance of the completed works,

j) Carrying out the maintenance and repair works of the completed buildings,

k) Ensuring that all works and operations are performed in accordance with the decrees of relevant laws and regulations.